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15 easy ways to a "Balanced" life as Mom & Business Owner

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  • The 5 most believed myths by mothers today that lead to constant mom guilt, lack of productivity and a general nagging feeling.

  • 15 actionable steps to help you celebrate “successful” days as a mother and business owner.

  • How to overcome the overwhelm and leave it behind by using my signature “5-minute messy method”!

Through the years moms have had to compare themselves to what motherhood "should" look like.

Our homes are where we live, where we play, and now with the pandemic, it's where we work and do school.

Do you feel like your days are spent just going around in circles in the giant hamster wheel? The kids, the house, cooking and trying to be successful in business, there's just not enough time in the schedule, it’s just the way it is.

However, it doesn’t have to be.

It’s Easier to Keep Up than to Catch Up!

Learn the 5 most valuable tips that help moms:

  • Be more productive in your home and business EVERY day!

  • Rid yourself of the constant notifications, distractions and interruptions and easily transition from "home time" to "business time"

  • Release the mom guilt that holds you back with new lasting routines and strategies

Hey there, I'm Robie Lynn!

My mission is to help moms, like you, that own their own business and are overwhelmed trying to keep up with their home and life by implementing quick wins and actionable steps to develop new strategies and mind sets to allow them freedom from mom guilt and uncover more time in their day!

Robie Lynn

Owner and Founder of Burlap and Daisies

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15 Easy Ways to a "Balanced" Life of Mom & Business Owner

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